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A pocket full of podcasts!

Podcasts have definitely become a thing; like in a BIG way!

There are podcasts literally for everything these days, but I thought to myself that this topic was definitely worth a post about the podcasts I personally love. If I have missed any from this list that you love, please pop a comment with the podcast details below!

So, as of right now – August 2022 – here’s a list of some of my favourites:

The Heir Waves

Oh come on, as if I could ignore my own podcast. It’s the best excuse to get my nerd on, OF COURSE I love it.

For those that aren’t aware, I am the co-host with my good friend Caite Brewer, of The Heir Waves podcast where we talk through some interesting (and often recent) decisions and issues in wills, estates, trusts, superannuation and succession.

Check it out here.

Reimagining Justice

In the Reimaging Justice podcast, Andrea Perry-Petersen, Australian based lawyer, social justice advocate and legal innovator, shines a light on issues at the intersection of law, social justice and innovation. Andrea interviews a wide array of fascinating people and absolutely deserves a spot on this list.

Check it out here.

Doing Law Differently

In Doing Law Differently (which is also now a book, btw), Lucy Dickens shares insights into how she inspires, promotes and practices doing law differently.

Check it out here.

Happy Lawyer Happy Life

This is by the far one of the coolest podcasts I’ve enjoyed.

Clarissa Rayward (also author of the HPHL book!) interviews many amazing people throughout the course of her podcasting journey and there’s some wonderful stories to hear. I highly recommend you listen to every single on of the episodes. It’s such a wonderful insight into just how many types of lawyers and careers there are out there. It’s just awesome. Check it out here. (Psst, I’m in Episode 213!)

Coffee and a Case Note

For anyone on LinkedIn, you may already know about James d’Apice. James does some very cool, brief and awesome little case notes whilst he enjoys himself a coffee! I mean, it has coffee – I don’t know if you can beat that!

Check it out here.

The Brief Case Podcast

Brand new in 2022 (hey that rhymes!), the lovely artist-trapped-in-a-lawyer’s-body Sarah-Elke Kraal launched the Brief Case podcast where she hosts 15 mins of case and legislation updates like never before.

Check it out here.

So, who’s listened to these guys? Who have I missed that I need to add to the list? I’m sure there are a few, so even when I find them, I’ll add them later too.


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