Hi there!

I’m Michele. I’m legally mad (psst, m.a.d. are actually my initials!) and enjoy sharing knowledge, insights and thoughts about my life in law, including practising law, teaching law and even researching the law as a phd candidate. I have decided to learn out loud, via this blog, and “show my work” (after being inspired by Austin Kleon to do so!).

I share these insights as I myself used to read so many insights, experiences and ‘day in the life of…’ types of blogs (before YouTube was a thing – yes, I’m that old). I’m not sure if what I have to share is of any interest, but it’s also a great way for me to document my own learning along the way. I am learning openly; come join me?

With all of that said, there are a few conditions to you being here and reading what you read:

  1. These are my personal views and as such, do not represent the views of those I work for or with.
  2. I do not provide any legal advice here. If you need legal advice, please obtain legal advice from a qualified legal practitioner.
  3. If comments are open, please do not comment if you do not have anything nice (or at least constructively critical) to say.
  4. I am learning. We are all learning. Everyone has a different experience and life to lead, so please take what you want/need etc and discard the rest. A great sign of intelligence is the idea that you can entertain a thought without accepting it!
  5. If you find something on here that requires my attention, please do contact me at md@micheledavis.au and let me know so I can fix it, please and thank you!

For the full [and overwhelmingly more professional] “about me”, click here.

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