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This is my ‘wonder chamber’

If you happened to be wealthy and educated and alive in the 16th and 17th century Europe, it was fashionable to have a Wunderkammern, a "wonder chamber", or a "cabinet of curiosities" in your house - a room filled with rare and remarkable objects that served as a kind of external display of your thirst… Continue reading This is my ‘wonder chamber’

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Working remotely… like a lawyer

There are many things that the Covid-19 pandemic has to answer for. Like any incurable optimist, I gravitate to finding the good in literally anything, and I will say that Covid has thrust much needed change onto the legal profession as a whole. I work 100% remotely. I had to leave full time legal practice… Continue reading Working remotely… like a lawyer

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Your own version of success

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you're proud to live Anne Sweeney Lawyers are competitive creatures, in one way or another. Even if you're not outwardly competitive, you still likely have a burning desire to be the best at whatever you do (whether it's the… Continue reading Your own version of success

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Power of Perspective

Recently, the good ol’ socials shared with me a really interesting (and funny!) TED Talk video. It was about an inventor who liked building robots but would regularly “fail” (see my earlier post on Failing for that ol’ chestnut!). This inventor purposefully changed her way of thinking about her ‘failures’ with her robotics, and instead… Continue reading Power of Perspective

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Expectations - whether they’re unclear, significant, unrealistic or lacking entirely, encapsulate the client and lawyer relationship. Lately, I’ve had such a pleasure being interviewed by almost-newbie-lawyers as they prepare themselves for the most significant signature they will affix to a piece of paper in their careers; the roll of legal practitioners. We spoke about common… Continue reading Expectations