phd life

Do a PhD they said…

Ok, so no one actually said that. Minor detail.

You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream

C.S. Lewis

Doing a PhD is something I always thought I might want to do, but never thought I’d actually do. It wasn’t until I fell in love with the world of succession law that I really contemplated it. I contemplated it because I had questions. What else do you do when you have questions? Answer them, right?

I call myself a professional problem solver to clients, friends and even the medical specialist I saw about my hands recently (which apparently he loved because he calls himself that too! #twinning).

Naturally, being a professional problem solver, when you see a problem, you are going to seek answers; even to the unanswerable questions.

So, when you’re faced with that scenario, a PhD seems like a pretty good opportunity to investigate that question with the support and guidance of some pretty epicly amazing people in the world of academia.

Whilst I didn’t technically [academically] qualify for entry to a PhD, the crazy folks over at QUT let me in anyway. I am truly blessed that my professional experience has allowed me to take this step. In fact, I had to laugh when one of my close friends said she was so happy for me and that she even felt as though my whole career in law had been leading to this point. To say I was comforted by this would be an understatement. I thought I was just bonkers; a new level of bonkers (i.e. to the usual insanely high standard of bonkers I normally maintain).

So in true “succession nerd” fashion, I’m going to do a PhD with a focus in succession law, particularly family provision claims and elder abuse. I’m truly excited. I’m excited by so much of this; the research, going down the rabbit hole, writing, writing, writing, talking to other lawyers, gathering that research, talking to more people, finding answers to so many questions, sub-questions and questions I can’t possibly even contemplate yet.

This is the reason I’ve opted to take this crazy path; to find answers. To help contribute those answers to the legal profession as a whole. Maybe publish a few things along the way so I don’t have to wait the [insert number of years here] years to make that contribution.

Someone crazy like me (and if she’s reading this I absolutely mean that in a good way!) encouraged me to document this craziness along the way, when I mentioned the idea to her. I have zero willpower when it comes to writing and sharing knowledge, experience and information, so here we are, writing the first post on my PhD life.

I hope these ramblings are interesting, comforting, laughable (it’s important to laugh at yourself too!) and maybe even a little inspiring so I can encourage you to follow your own dreams and those things that really tickle your fancy.

So, here I am. Just a crazy-writer-researcher-lawyer-mum standing [sitting] in front of a laptop, asking for readers to entertain me whilst I find creative and cathartic ways to do life in the law and PhD land.

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